WorkingSm@rt + OneNote

PMA Philadelphia offers WorkingSm@rt + OneNote, a program that demonstrates how to use OneNote as a tool to supplement Outlook and take your capture, organization and retrieval of information to the next level. Some people already use Outlook as a tool to help track their activities and appointments, and to store information for easy retrieval. Learning to apply WorkingSm@rt’s information and communication management techniques to OneNote will expand the range of options available for organizing work, taking free-form notes, capturing images, and linking information between projects and people.

By the end of WorkingSm@rt + OneNote, participants will:

  • Adopt OneNote as a vital part of their workload management system.
  • Select the right OneNote functionality for each situation and enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Integrate OneNote with Outlook and their overall workload management system.
  • Enhance collaboration on projects and within teams by using OneNote as a shared resource.
  • Practice “Day in the Life” simulations that highlight best practices in note taking, planning and brainstorming.

Who should attend?
WorkingSm@rt + OneNote open enrollment is perfect for individuals and small groups who need to track and plan communications as a large part of their workday.
People who work closely with internal and external partners on projects that require
high levels of collaboration, and those rolling out initiatives and projects that require detailed planning, frequent meetings and copious note taking will also see a significant benefit from the WorkingSm@rt + OneNote techniques.


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