WorkingSm@rt + Teams

PMA Philadelphia offers WorkingSm@rt + Teams, a half-day program designed to synchronize the use of Teams as an enterprise-wide collaboration tool. Our process teaches you how to change behaviors and optimize the use of technology so you can enhance your productivity, teamwork, and results. Learn to use this powerful tool to manage persistent and consistent communication and to group information for quick reference and retrieval. Teams can simplify work by focusing all the tools, resources and communications associated with a subject, meeting, or project in a single location. Further, our process will teach the best methods for using Teams to collaborate in real-time or asynchronously.

By the end of WorkingSm@rt + Teams, participants will obtain the skills necessary to:

  • Minimize user hesitancy about Teams and reduce adoption lag time.
  • Analyze who needs to be on the Team when it is formulated, including external resources.
  • Adopt processes that allow workgroups to work asynchronously. Simultaneously contribute to and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents and enhance collaboration.
  • Create transparency with colleagues and facilitate internal service delivery.
  • Introduce a new organizational framework and help people transition from their previously established routines.
  • Understand the Best Practices for communicating while using Teams.

Who should attend?
Individuals, workgroups, and teams including those who work in a Microsoft Teams environment.


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